Toronto’s Bartering App Bunz for iOS Updated, Introduces ‘The City Network’

The bartering app Bunz launched in Toronto a year ago, but since then is now available in over 250 cities worldwide. Today, the iOS app introduced its 2.0 update, debuting what they’re calling ‘The City Network’, which brings forth the following:

  • Feed for the city: users can post things they want people to know about and find out what’s happening.
  • Trading: it’s business as usual – barter away, which is the Bunz’ legacy.
  • Homes: find a room for rent, meet potential roommates or list your own space.
  • Feed for helping: Ask others for a help with tasks big and small, from the best places to eat, to seeking help moving a bed or couch.

The goal of the City Network is to provide localized information for people to know what’s happening in their city, in what the company is saying will be a “new kind of community resource.”

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Bunz CEO Sascha Mojtahedi, said in a statement to iPhone in Canada, “It was obvious that these communities needed more in order to thrive and transact and by learning from them we were able to build something truly unique in the marketplace,” He added “The most important of these groups now form the backbone of the app, providing access to what city dwellers need most in their lives: housing, jobs, and help with navigating the world.”

Bunz says almost 2,000 people meet daily from app-driven encounters, utilizing mobile tech to create new connections and “bring value back to being a good neighbour.” The service originally started a group on Facebook, but since has evolved.

Click here to download Bunz for iOS in the App Store—It’s free.