BeatsX vs AirPods vs Jaybird Freedom Wireless Headphones Comparison [VIDEOS]

Apple is set to launch their BeatsX wireless headphones February 10 in the U.S., and we expect them to debut in Canada as well, priced at $179.95 CAD ($149.95 in the USA).

BeatsX wireless headphones are $39.05 cheaper than AirPods in Canada ($219 CAD), so what exactly are the differences?

YouTube channel Jonathon Morrison got his hands on an early release pair of BeatsX, and shared how they compared to AirPods in a variety of tests.

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Morrison says both sets of wireless headphones stayed in his ears during running and basketball. Sound quality saw BeatsX offer more bass due to its in-ear design. But he did like AirPods due to their charging case and the potential for all day battery life, versus 8 hours for BeatsX.

Check out the video below:

YouTube video

Here’s another video from Austin Evans, who also got an early pair of BeatsX as well, and tries to answer the question “Are the $150 USD Beats X Worth It?”, comparing them to Jaybird Freedom wireless headphones, and AirPods too.

Check it out below:

YouTube video

As noted by Morrison, BeatsX headphones also come with a free three month promo for Apple Music.

If you’re looking to buy a pair of Beats X wireless headphones, it’s best to wait for them to get in stock at The Source, as the GoodLife Fitness PSP discount can take 20% off, just like we’ve previously seen for AirPods and Beats Solo 3.