Facebook Announces Video App for Apple TV Coming Soon

Last month, it was reported Facebook had plans to launch their own video app for Apple TV and other platforms. Today, the social network announced those plans are indeed true, with a video app for Apple TV ready to “roll out soon,” along with Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV apps as well, plus more platforms soon.

Facebook says their own video app for TV will be “a new way to enjoy Facebook videos on a bigger screen,” which is an expansion of last year’s feature where the company allowed streaming of videos from the app to Apple TV.

The video app will show videos shown by your friends and Pages followed, plus top live videos worldwide and other recommended videos tailored to your interests.

Users will also be able to view videos saved for later, plus rewatch old videos you have either shared or uploaded. Facebook says “We look forward to seeing how people use the app to enjoy Facebook videos in a new way.”

More Improved Video Features for Facebook

Also, new video features announced today include the enabling of sound being on by default, when you’re watching videos and your phone is not on silent. There will be an option to disable this feature permanently and keep videos on silent.

1 Sound On

Facebook says vertical videos now look better on iOS and Android, as the larger format tested last year is now available to everyone.

Videos will now automatically minimize to picture-in-picture, when you’ve started playing a video and start scrolling down your Newsfeed. PIP videos can be dragged to any corner of your screen, similar to FaceTime’s live video icon.

2 Watch and Scroll

As Facebook bets more on video, you can bet advertising will follow shortly as well. We’ll let you know when the Facebook app for Apple TV is available for download.