Google ‘Uptime’ for iPhone Lets You Watch YouTube with Friends [US Only]

Google’s internal incubator program called Area 120, has launched a new iPhone app which allows users to do what they have always wanted to: watch YouTube with friends.

Uptime for iPhone will let users watch videos with friends in real-time, plus also comment and add their reactions. Uptime has a progress bar where you can see yourself and friends as they view a video.

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Area 120 is a program dedicated to Google employees where they can build businesses from their ’20 percent’ side projects. Unfortunately, Uptime for iPhone is only available in the U.S. for now, and requires an invite code (try PIZZA) to get it.

No word on when this will eventually make its way to Canada, but we’ve inquired and will report back when we hear from Uptime. But if you want to download Uptime in Canada, all you need is a U.S. iTunes Account. Click here to find out how to create one for free, no credit card required.

Click here to download Uptime for iPhone in the App Store.

[via TNW]