Sugar Mobile Changes Roaming Policy after CRTC Ruling

After the CRTC favoured Rogers in its case against Sugar Mobile – a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) of Ice Wireless – the regulator’s decision brings important changes for Sugar Mobile subscribers, starting today.

The ruling was handed down on March 1 and prohibits Canadian wireless carriers that do not own spectrum or operate a cellular network in a particular geographic area from allowing their subscribers to “permanently roam” on the networks of the incumbents.

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As a result, starting April 20, Sugar Mobile customers who don’t have a residential business address within Ice Wireless’ operating territory will no longer be able to roam on Rogers’ network.

If you have a residential (or business) address within the carrier’s operating territory, the following policy will apply: If, within a 90-day period, 50% or more of a Sugar Mobile customer’s non-WIFI data is generated on Rogers’ cellular network when measured against the customer’s usage of Ice Wireless’ cellular network, the carrier will inform its customers.

If this happens, Sugar Mobile will send a disconnection notice to the customer and prohibit the customer from roaming on Rogers’ network within 30 days of sending the notice.

The CRTC ruling required Sugar Mobile to change its roaming policy, so customers will still be able to use the service over Wi-Fi. For those affected, Sugar Mobile says it will remove the expiration date on their accounts, so they will be able to talk, text and use the Sugar Mobile app for free, forever.