How to Get Apple’s Mother’s Day Activity Challenge in Canada (There’s Still Time)

Apple launched a Mother’s Day Activity Challenge late last week, which earns U.S. participates a new rose achievement badge for a 1 mile (1.6km) walk, run or wheelchair workout. The challenge is limited to the United States, but Canadians get the badge easily too with a simple workaround.

All you have to do is change the Region setting in the Apple Watch app to the United States. Once you do this, you’ll then see the achievement badge in the Activity app. Go ahead and perform your 1 mile walk, run or wheelchair workout, and you’ll get the rose badges.

Again, launch the Watch iOS app, then go to: General > Language & Region > Region Format > United States:

IMG 2675 IMG 2676

IMG 2677

Now, go perform your 1 mile activity on your Apple Watch—once saved, you’ll get a notification you completed the Mother’s Day Challenge:

IMG 2670 IMG 2671

Our achievement showed up in our Activity app, as you can see below:

IMG 2672 IMG 2673

Once we changed the Region Format back to Canada, the rose badge achievement remained in the Activity app:

IMG 2674

It’s only 6PM PT right now, and 9PM ET, so you still have time to complete this challenge and earn your Mother’s Day achievement badge. Go get it, as a mile walk or run won’t take long to accomplish (with or without mom)!

Thanks Derek!