Amazon Promo: Spend $40, Get $10 Back in Honour of ‘Quebec Moving Day’ has a sale right now “in honour of Quebec Moving Day” (#themoreyouknow #NBCrainbow), which is offering customers $10 off $40 purchases on household goods.

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All you need to do is spend $40 worth of qualifying goods and enter promo code MOVE2017 at checkout to get a $10 coupon:

Moving soon? We’ve gathered some of the essentials to help make your move as easy as possible. From kitchen and bathroom cleaning, to paper towels and toilet paper, even trash bags and batteries, we’ve got something for all your needs on Moving Day. And to make life a little easier, spend $40 on qualifying items, get $10 back when you enter the promo code “MOVE2017” at checkout!

Cleaning products, batteries, garbage bags and tissues are just some of the items available. Some items are on sale right now as well, which makes the $10 coupon even better. I just ordered 108 rolls of Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Double Roll toilet paper.

In case you were into toilet paper math, RFD is here to the rescue: current MOVE2017 Sale for Ultra Comfort:
$14.97-$3.33 = $11.64
36 Rolls
154 Sheets / Roll
$0.00055 / Sq Ft
$0.00210 / Sheet
$2.0996 / 1000 Sheets


30 Rolls
425 Sheets / Roll
$0.0101 / Sq Ft
$0.00125412 / Sheet
$1.2541 / 1000 Sheets

Someone also added “Don’t forget the Costco brand is 11.4 cm X 10.1 cm” versus the 10.2 cm x 9.7 cm of the Ultra Comfort.

While Amazon prices are usually competitive with retail stores but sometimes a bit more expensive, the time you save from becoming a ‘person of Walmart’ and having goods show up at your front door with Prime, is priceless.

Click here to check out the sale in the Moving Central store on while it’s still available.

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