Apple Names Vancouver-based Klei One of “Canada’s Best Game Makers”

As part of Apple’s ongoing feature of Canadian developers, the latest to be named one of ‘Canada’s best game makers’ in the App Store is Vancouver-based Klei, the developers behind the hit game Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition.

Klei vancouver

Apple says “Vancouver-based Kelie has come a long way since its start in a rented basement. The developer’s now world-renowned for crafting deep, distinct worlds—from the quirky dark setting of Don’t Starve to the vibrant techno-future of Invisible, Inc.”

The dedicated page in iTunes also details ‘Games that inspired the team,’ along with ‘The studio’s favourite games to play’, features their other game, Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Games.

As part of Canada 150, Apple has featured apps Made in Ottawa, an Unapologetically Canadian section, Canada’s Best Game Maker: RAC7, apps Made in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto-Waterloo, Montreal and more.