National Bank Launching Apple Pay on August 1

National Bank of Canada is set to launch Apple Pay on Tuesday, August 1, according to internal documents seen by iPhone in Canada. The bank is Canada’s sixth largest bank and headquartered in Quebec.

The document reads: “After having launched Android Pay in May, the Bank is proud to announce that tomorrow it will be offering the Apple Pay digital service to National Bank Mastercard credit card holders.”

National bank apple pay

According to National Bank, the launch of Apple Pay will mean “no more fishing out your card to pay for something while juggling your other belongings! With mobile payments, you’ll also reap the benefits of your card when you make purchases of under $100 using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Your transactions have never been easier.”

A year ago, National Bank told customers Apple Pay was coming “very soon” and negotiations were under way. A new role of Chief Transformation Officer was created last year, headed by Ricardo Pascoe, to lead new mobile payments efforts.

The company’s iPhone app was updated last month with a new login page and more.

Another financial institution in Quebec, Desjardins, launched support for Apple Pay last fall.

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