Quebec-Based Law Firm to File Class Action Against Netflix

A Quebec man is looking to gain millions in compensation from Netflix, alleging that the video streaming company violated consumer rights when they hiked their subscription fees.

The class action document, which was filed in Quebec’s Superior Court earlier this month seeks permission to sue Netflix. Pierre Boivin, the lawyer representing the consumer, said:

“They had to send a notice which mentions exclusively the rate that the people were paying and the new rate. They also have to mention that the consumer would have 30 days to cancel the contract if they don’t agree with this increase, and that’s not what Netflix sent. They did not respect this provision of the Consumer Protection Act.”

The Quebec-based law firm is acting on behalf of an estimated 1.45 million subscribers in the province. The class action seeks a reimbursement of the fees paid since the price hike in 2016, which works out to roughly $14 million. However, the lawyers are seeking an additional $7.5 million in damages.

Netflix has not issued any official comment regarding the matter.

[via Metro News]