PodCase: Battery Case for iPhone and AirPods from Founder of Pebble

Pebble founder and Canadian Eric Migicovsky is back with a new Kickstarter project called PodCase, which is a battery case for iPhone plus AirPods.


The battery case for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus basically has room for your AirPods to charge at the top, eliminating the need to carry your dental floss pack…err, charging case with you.

The battery included is 2500 mAh, enough to charge your iPhone back to 100%, or up to 40 charges of your AirPods. The battery pack itself will charge via USB-C. PodCase for iPhone 8 is planned, once the latter is announced.

The case looks downright bulky, but if you’ve been hunting for a solution to charge your iPhone and AirPods together, this may be it.

If you want to pledge for a PodCase, it’ll set you back $79 USD. So far, the project has 79 backers, raising $52,046 HKD ($6660.14 USD) out of its $2.34 million HKD goal ($300,429 USD).

[via Engadget]