iPhone 8 Undergoes Bend Test, Razor Blade Scratch Tests [VIDEO]

Apple customers in Asia, Australia and New Zealand have gotten their hands on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus already, and to nobody’s surprise, teardown and torture tests have already begun.

YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has shared his iPhone 8 durability test, which tests the exterior of the device against keys, coins, razor blades and his Mohs picks to determine hardness of the display and camera lens.

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When it came to the bend test, the iPhone 8 passed with flying colours, with JerryRigEverything saying the device is “a well-built phone”, showing “zero flex” plus “no glass separation,” compared to last year’s iPhone 7, which saw the latter bend and its waterproofing adhesive separate. He calls the iPhone 8 “definitely skinny jean approved,” saying he is overall “very impressed” with its build quality.

One design feature JerryRigEverything noticed was a plastic cushion layer between the back glass and aluminum sides, and where the front display meets the aluminum as well. This is speculated to act as an added impact layer when it comes to drops, in efforts to help protect the display and glass back.

Check out the video below: