Taxi Industry Reportedly Threatened Winnipeg Mayor For Plan to Regulate Ride-Sharing Companies

Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowman was reportedly threatened by a representative from a taxi company after he revealed the city’s plans to create regulations for ride-sharing companies.

On Wednesday, Bowman alleged to a group of taxi-industry delegates that a member of theirs threatened him over the weekend. The mayor did not identify the individual or offer any further information about the threat. In a statement, the mayor told Winnipeg Community Taxi Coalition representative Scott McFadyen:

“One member of your delegation certainly threatened me this weekend, on Saturday.”

Jaspal Bedi accused Bowman of making a backroom deal with the premier. Bedi later retracted his statement and apologized. In a statement, Bowman said:

“That’s quite an accusation. I’m a husband. I’m a father. When somebody says I’ve cut a deal with another politician, you should have some evidence to back that up.”

The province is expected to pass a legislation that will allow companies such as Uber and Lyft to operate in Winnipeg as soon as March. The new legislation will govern both traditional taxi companies, as well as ride-sharing services.

[via CBC News]