TD Promo Offers Some Customers $10 to Use Apple Pay

TD Canada looks like it wants to encourage customers to use Apple Pay, by offering them $10 for free.

In an email blast sent out to select customers this morning, the bank says if customers make “3 Apple Pay transactions with your TD card before November 22, 2017,” they will receive $10.

Td apple pay promo

TD reminds customers “When making purchases in store, keep in mind that there’s a $100 limit on your debit or credit card. However, when making purchases within apps using a TD Credit Card, there is NO limit on spending beyond the available credit on your Card and the limit imposed by the vendor.”

Back in 2015, TD Canada accidentally leaked an Apple Pay web page on the company’s website, only to launch in Canada a year later alongside other big banks in Canada.

Yesterday, Apple announced Apple Pay expanded to Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the United Arab Emirates.

Did you receive this email from TD?

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