First iPhone X Unboxing, Plus Hands-On Videos Hit YouTube [WATCH]

Earlier today we saw the first iPhone X review shared by Wired, and now we’re seeing the first iPhone X videos hit YouTube.

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This (unofficial?) unboxing below takes place in Mexico, which looks to be a demo unit for a carrier store, according to commenters:

Next, YouTube channel Soldier Knows Best shares some alone time with iPhone X in New York City, with time granted from Apple. He says Face ID worked “every single time” when testing it on the iPhone X:

Another iPhone X hands-on experience was posted by channel on YouTube, which also happens at the same private Apple demo in NYC. The phone looks real smooth and Face ID looks to work quickly:

As we approach the launch of iPhone X this week, expect more media reviews and hands on videos to hit the web.

iPhone X launches on Friday, November 3, and the first pre-orders in Canada are currently in the ‘preparing to ship’ stage.

Update: Here’s another video shared by a YouTube channel also at the event:

…and another from UrAvgConsumer:

…and from HighSnobriety:

…and from Popular Science: