Lock Screen Notification Previews on iPhone X Will Be Hidden by Default

According to Wired’s early hands on review of the iPhone X, it appears that the device will automatically hide notification previews on the lock screen by default. Although the option to hide notification previews on the lock screen is not new in iOS 11 or the iPhone X, it has so far been an optional feature that needs to be enabled manually.

Face id

For those who aren’t familiar, hiding notification previews on the lock screen lets you show generic notification titles like “new message from Facebook” instead of actual previews of messages. Starting with iPhone X, this feature will be the default out-of-the-box option. Of course if you are not too conscious about security and privacy, you can always disable it on your iPhone X in the settings.

The source also points out that unlocking the iPhone X with Face ID will however reveal the notification previews in their usual form, which is also a helpful way of confirming that Face ID has unlocked the device successfully.

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