How to Use Reachability on iPhone X [VIDEO]

With smartphones getting larger, the iOS feature Reachability helped those with smaller hands and short fingers access the top portions of displays.

Reachability for those using an iPhone 6 Plus or newer required double tapping on the Home button, to bring down the top half the screen. But with iPhone X lacking a Home button—just how does Reachability work?

Reachablity iphone x

According to Mashable, the feature exists on iPhone X, but it needs to be enabled in your settings. On your iPhone X, just go to:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reachability > ON

Once that’s done, just swipe down on the iPhone X gesture bar, which then will bring down your screen. Mashable says “The screen is so much more accessible with reachability enabled.”

Check out the video below:

We’ve found Reachability to be very useful ever since it was released on the iPhone 6 Plus. Can’t wait to try this on iPhone X.