Hakim Optical Launches Augmented Reality iOS App to Try on Glasses

Canadian eyeglass retailer Hakim Optical has announced the launch of their iOS app which uses augmented reality (AR) to let customers try on glasses virtually in real-time before they purchase.

Find the perfect pair of glasses with Hakim Optical’s new Virtual Try-on app: Swipe through different pairs, adjust the fit around your temple, and change the tint of the lenses to create exactly the look you want.

Once you’ve found the right pair, be sure to take a screenshot to take advantage of a hidden coupon code!

“Consumers seek social approval before purchasing glasses, especially when it comes to fashion forward frames,” says John Worden, Vice President of Marketing for Hakim Optical, in a press release. “This application removes the friction and allows consumers to poll their friends and social peers before making the purchase.”

Hakim optical Hakim optical 2

The Hakim Optical iOS app was developed by VusionVR Inc., based in Toronto. Hakim Optical has over 161 outlets across Canada.

Earlier this month, Warby Parker in the U.S. utilized the iPhone X TrueDepth camera to face map a customer’s face, enabling another way for customers to shop better online.

Click here to download Hakim Optical for iOS in the App Store.