Telus Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Launches: Pricing at $10/Month with 1GB Data [u]

Update: Telus to launch Apple Watch Series 3 LTE sales on Friday, December 8.

Telus appears to have launched Apple Watch Series 3 cellular support today, as prices are now available to customers.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE customers on Telus will pay $10 per month for a watch add-on which includes:

  • Calls and messages to your Apple Watch
  • 1GB of data
  • Minutes and messages will be used from your phone plan
  • $20 one time connection fee, or “eSIM fee” as the company calls it
Users who updated to watchOS 4.2 today saw a carrier update come through, which then offered an option to activate their cellular Apple Watch with Telus.

Telus apple watch

Screenshot via Devin Petovello

Some customers, such as iPhone in Canada reader Robert, have been able to activate their Series 3 Apple Watch with Telus already. He explains “I just opened the Apple Watch app and went to the cellular option. When I was there an updated carrier setting pushed and I was able to click set up plan. It brought me to the plan with Telus through the Apple Watch app and activated immediately.”

Check out the screenshot below:

Telus apple watch

Telus Apple Watch Series 3 cellular plan pricing, unsurprisingly matches Bell, when the latter was the first exclusive Canadian wireless carrier to support the newest smart watch from Apple, back in September. Update: Bell’s pricing is $5 per month; Telus pricing is $10 per month (we’re blind, oops).

A previous accidental tweet by the Telus social media team in September cited a December 1st launch, but that date was removed and deemed not final. Fast forward to December, and it looks like Telus customers can now activate their Series 3 Apple Watches with the company.

As for Rogers users, there’s no word on when support will arrive for Apple Watch Series 3, but expect it to arrive in 2018 sometime, as the company plans to increase spending on its wireless network to match Telus and Bell.

Update: Telus Apple Watch Series 3 LTE is working in Saskatchewan:

Did you activate your Apple Watch Series 3 on Telus today?