Plex Releases Winamp-Inspired Music Player ‘Plexamp’

Media software developer Plex on Monday released Plexamp, a standalone Winamp-like music player for Mac which integrates with your existing Plex music library.

According to a new blog post on Medium from Elan Feingold, CTO and co-founder of Plex, Inc., the player’s name is a nod to the long-lost Winamp, which it’s designed to replace. The player was built by several Plex employees in their free time, and is meant for those who use Plex for music.

The app is built using Electron, ES7, React and MobX, and since it makes use of Music Player Deamon (MPD), it can playback almost any music format you throw at it.

Plexamp also includes some other nifty features, like normalizing playback from songs on various albums, a lack of a playback gap, and “smart transitions,” or seamless transitions between songs.

The company has also introduced new radio features that’ll help you comb through and play music from your massive library. Something called “library radio” just plays from your whole library, whereas “artist radio” travels through your library based off your first artist pick.

You can download Plexamp on the Plex Labs page – you’ll need to first install Plex, sign up for an account, and have it index your music before you can play tracks through Plexamp – and the app is available for both macOS and Windows.