Koodo Promo: $44/7GB Tab Large Plan in Saskatchewan/Manitoba; $54/9GB in Quebec

Telus flanker brand Koodo Mobile has a promo in Saskatchewan, which offers customers a $44/month Tab Large plan with 5GB data, but also a 2GB data add-on bonus for 24 months, taking it to 7GB. The same offer is available in Manitoba.

A Tab Large provides customers with a $504 subsidy towards a new smartphone on contract and comes with unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, call display, voicemail, call waiting and more.

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Users in Quebec have a similar promo, priced at $54 for Tab Large with 7GB data, and a 2GB bonus for 24 months, for 9GB total data.

An equivalent plan outside of these three provinces, such as in BC, for example, would cost $104 for 6GB data on Tab Large, with a 2GB data bonus for 24 months, for 8GB total data. Or $124/month for 12GB data (10+2GB).

While BC, Alberta and Ontario saw a blazing $60/10GB BYOD plan offered by Rogers, Telus and Bell, now we see some regional specific holiday deals for other provinces with regional competition.

Fido currently has a $63/7GB plan in (5GB+2GB bonus) in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for Medium Tab plans (up to $500 off upfront phone cost), so they have yet to match Koodo, and the same goes for Virgin.

[via RFD]