HQ Trivia iPhone Gameshow Valuation Tops $100 Million After Latest Funding Round

The live iPhone gameshow app, HQ Trivia, continues to surge in popularity, and its latest financing round of $15 million from Founders Fund, puts its valuation at over $100 million USD, reports Recode.

HQ Trivia’s format is similar to the gameshow Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? but only has three answers to choose from (good odds when guessing!) and is played twice per day (12PM PST/3PM EST; 6PM PST/9PM EST) with prizes of $2500 each time, split amongst winners and paid out via PayPal, which allows everyone worldwide to play.

Lately, HQ Trivia games have surpassed 1 million players in the evenings, a sign the game is increasing in popularity. The game was created by the former co-founders of social network Vine, which was eventually acquired by Twitter.

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Click here to download HQ Trivia for iPhone in the App Store.