Bell Coalition’s Website Blocking Proposal Slammed by Thousands

Within days of Bell coalition’s website blocking proposal being posted online, a large number of Canadians have registered their objections to the proposal in the form of thousands of individual submissions to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). As of this morning, there are over 4,200 interventions on the CRTC website (via Michael Geist).

Fairplay canada

It must be pointed out that the submissions are not the result of an organized campaign. Although OpenMedia is inviting Canadians to comment through its website, these are not its submissions. 

In fact, in skimming through the responses, it is striking how while the sentiment remains the same for the vast majority of submissions (do not approve website blocking), the individual responses are largely unique. Indeed, some submissions identify many technical, legal, and policy concerns with the proposal.

This can be contrasted with the only organized write-in campaign maintained by ACTRA. ACTRA is encouraging its members to write-in support of the plan (there are a few among the current submissions), providing full instructions in how to complete the CRTC form.

ACTRA even assists its members in saying that they do not wish to appear before the commission. Interestingly though, some submissions from ACTRA members directly oppose the proposal and express disappointment with their organization’s position.

Currently, the deadline for submission is March 1st, although there is an application to extend the deadline as well. In the meantime, if you concerned with the website blocking proposal, make sure your voice is heard at the CRTC website