Audiophile Tests HomePod’s Sound Quality: ‘I Am Speechless’

Almost every reviewer who has tested the HomePod agrees that Apple‘s audio engineers have developed a speaker that sounds very good. But it’s one thing to subjectively sound good, and another to purely objectively maintain high sound quality in terms of a balanced frequency curve at different volumes and low distortion.

So how good is the sound quality of the HomePod actually? An audiophile on Reddit has extensively tested the smart speaker, and the speaker’s sound quality left him “speechless.”

Reddit user Fouzan Alam, or /u/WinterCharm, tested the HomePod for eight and a half hours and then analyzed the results for six hours. His conclusion:

I am speechless. The HomePod actually sounds better than the KEF X300A. If you’re new to the Audiophile world, KEF is a very well respected and much loved speaker company. I actually deleted my very first measurements and re-checked everything because they were so good, I thought I’d made an error. Apple has managed to extract peak performance from a pint sized speaker, a feat that deserves a standing ovation. The HomePod is 100% an Audiophile grade Speaker.

The results show that the HomePod has an extremely smooth response curve, regardless of how low or high you play, and low distortion. By holding back the bass element at high levels of noise, HomePod ensures that the distortion never gets so high that it can be heard.

Alam is also extremely impressed by how well the HomePod is able to adapt to any room. He tested the speaker in what he calls a “terrible” sound environment, but the HomePod still maintained balanced frequency curve. The review also recommends elevating the HomePod off of a surface by a few inches, to maximize the sound quality.

“What Apple has managed to do here is so crazy, that If you told me they had chalk, candles, and a pentagram on the floor of their Anechoic chambers, I would believe you,” writes Alam. “This is witchcraft. I have no other word for it.”

Check out the comprehensive review of the HomePod in its entirety below.

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