Google Assistant Offers Canadians Some Spring Break Commands to Try [LIST]

With March set to kick off tomorrow, that also counts down to spring break for kids, which also means family vacation time. Google has shared some commands Canadians can try with Google Assistant, to keep the kids busy and also the family entertained during their time off.

Google assistant

Google Canada explains to iPhone in Canada in an email, here are some ”great Google Assistant commands to inspire March Break adventures and activities fit for travellers, home chefs, self-proclaimed couch potatoes, and families looking to get organized.”

Check them out below:

Check flight status and plan trips

  • Google Assistant makes it easy to find the travel information you need—from planning an upcoming trip, finding nearby events to converting currency.
  • “Ok Google, check my flight [flight name/number].”
  • “Ok Google, convert $100 CAD to U.S. dollars.”

Plan a day trip with the family

  • Don’t get stuck in traffic when planning family outings with Google Assistant’s real time traffic and weather updates.
  • “Ok Google, how long will it take to get to Ripley’s Aquarium?”
  • “Hey Google, what time does the Calgary Zoo open tomorrow?”
  • “Hey Google, where is the nearest Thai restaurant?”

Play a game with the family

  • Hours of laughs await thanks for Google Home’s family friendly games. Lucky Trivia anyone?
  • “Ok Google, play Mad Libs.”
  • “Hey Google, play Lucky Trivia.”
  • “Ok Google, play Akinator.”
  • “Hey Google, what sound does a moose make?”

Stay in and catch-up on your favourite podcasts – and with a Chromecast, your favourite shows & videos

  • Let Google help you binge from anywhere in your home.
  • “Ok Google, play Serial podcast.”
  • “Hey Google, watch Moana on Netflix.”
  • “Hey Google, watch cats in water on YouTube on my living room TV.”

Experiment in the kitchen

  • Make your favourite dish or try something new with step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • “Ok Google, find a recipe for chicken parmesan.”
    • To get started, say “Ok Google, start recipe.”
  • Kitchen dance party? “Hey Google, play a dance party playlist.”
  • “Hey Google, how many calories are in an avocado?”

Catch up on your zzz’s

  • Tune out unwanted noise with music or the soothing sounds of nature.
  • “Hey Google, play ocean sounds.”
  • “Ok Google, play my mellow sounds playlist.”
  • “Hey Google, let’s meditate”

Google Assistant is available via Google’s iOS app, or from a Google Home speaker.

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