Tangerine Mobile Banking for iOS Updated for iPhone X

Tangerine Mobile Banking customers with an iPhone X, you can now rest easy, as the financial institution’s mobile app has finally been updated for Apple’s latest smartphone display.

Tangerine mobile banking iphone x

The iPhone X update was released yesterday evening with version 3.0.1 of the app, despite not mentioning anything about it in the release notes.

There also is a warning about users updating to this latest version, and that is your saved Client Number and Login Options won’t be carried over, so they will need to be re-enabled again:

Please Note: When upgrading to this new version of the Tangerine Mobile Banking app, your saved Client Number and your Login Options (that is, whether you’ve chosen to log in with your PIN or Touch ID, or using Quick View options such as Vocal Password or Eye Verify) won’t be carried over. You’ll need to re-enable these settings on the new Mobile Banking app.

As for other Canadian banking apps awaiting iPhone X updates, TD Canada recently stated their update is coming later this month.

Click here to download Tangerine Mobile Banking for iOS in the App Store.

Thanks David!