Fido, Virgin, Koodo Simultaneously Bring Back Unlimited Minutes, as 500 Minutes Axed

Earlier this month, the flanker brands of the ‘Big 3’, Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile, all made changes to their plans in Alberta, BC and Ontario, reducing voice minutes to 500 Canada-wide instead of unlimited, for their BYOD plans (unlimited calling was $5 more per month).

Now, in a surprise move, Rogers, Bell and Telus have all simultaneously reverted these voice minutes back to unlimited Canada-wide calling for their flanker brands Fido, Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile.

As of writing, all three websites advertising BYOD plans now show unlimited Canada-wide minutes (except for plans with pay per use data), instead of 500 Canada-wide minutes.


Screenshot 2018 03 19 11 36 42

Virgin Mobile:

Screenshot 2018 03 19 11 37 05


Screenshot 2018 03 19 11 37 34

So for now, Canadian wireless users have been spared having just 500 Canada-wide minutes. But nowadays, most people text or use data-based messaging anyways, right? But for those who rely on voice minutes, any reduction of minutes can be an expensive change.

If you happened to sign up for a plan that had 500 minutes only, make sure you call back and revert to these unlimited Canada-wide plans.

Thanks Vincent!