Purported ‘iPhone SE 2’ Images Show Glass Design, Headphone Jack

New images have leaked purportedly showing a next generation “iPhone SE 2” with an all-glass back for wireless charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Czech Apple blog LetemSvetemApplem (via 9to5Mac) published photos of what it claims might be the rumored second-generation iPhone SE, or “SE 2,” as everyone’s tentatively calling it.

The somewhat shady video, first shared on Chinese social networks this week, reveal what looks to be a glass-backed sequel to the iPhone SE. While the photos are of questionable origin, they appear to show a device with the same size, front design, and sides as the iPhone SE, plus a new back heavily resembling Apple’s current mid-range model, the iPhone 8.

Right away, the glass-backed design of this phone lends credence to speculation that Apple may add wireless charging this year to its entry-level iPhone. While adding a glass back might seem simple to users, the engineering efforts necessary to change materials and add inductive charging hardware would definitely be non-trivial. The next iPhone SE is widely expected to move up to an A10 Fusion processor, as well.

Another more recent rumor regarding the entry-level iPhone was its exclusion of a headphone jack, though these images clearly show the phone indeed has one. One would imagine that Apple certainly could have been eliminated the headphone jack during a redesign of the iPhone SE’s metal central and rear chassis.

Recent regulatory filings have pointed to new iPhones which could be part of an “SE 2” line. Exact specifications are uncertain, but one report indicated an A10 processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and 32- or 128-gigabyte storage options. However, if Apple wants to keep the phone as contemporary as the iPhone SE was at launch, it will have to equip it with an A11 Bionic chip.

The iPhone SE is rumored to launch this summer. Apple might announce the new phone at WWDC in early June. In the meantime, believe nothing until Apple makes an official announcement.

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