Listen: Ask Siri to Define ‘Mother’ and You’ll Hear a Swear Word [VIDEO]

If you ask Siri to define mother, then agree to hear a second definition, the Apple virtual assistant will read out a slang definition that contains profanity.

A user on Reddit shared the discovery, which will definitely come as a shock to those in Apple’s ‘G-rated’ audience.

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All you have to do is ask Siri, “define mother”. She will read out the classic definition, then ask “do you want to hear the next one?” If you say yes, she will then read out “As a noun it means, short for m*ther f*cker.” Gasp!

It appears Siri is reading the second slang definition of ‘mother’ from the Oxford Dictionary, points out Redditors.

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Apple will most likely fix this soon, so Siri isn’t reading out motherf*cker to kids. In the meantime, check out the video below to hear Siri in action:

YouTube video

A recent study cited Google Assistant as the top virtual assistant, with Apple’s Siri ranked last, in tests conducted with Amazon’s Alexa (3rd) and Microsoft’s Cortana (2nd).

Helen Lovejoy has a message for Siri about this:

YouTube video

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