Fortnite for iOS Gains Season 4 Update–Here’s What’s New [Changelog]

You still playing Fortnite? The game has been updated across all platforms, including iOS, to introduce season 4, which kicks off with a comet crashing into the island and offering new locations to explore.

Fortnite season 4

According to Epic Games, if you visit the crater on the island you’ll find “glowing rocks all round”, and if you consume them, you’ll “lift off with low gravity.”

For the game’s quickbar menu, it now supports drag and drop for rearranging your inventory. The game on iOS also gains some stability improvements and bug fixes.

YouTube video

Below is the full changelog of what’s new in this mobile update as detailed by Epic Games:


  • Quickbar now supports drag and drop for dropping and moving inventory items.
  • Holding the movement stick in a direction for 3-seconds now enables an option to turn on auto run.
  • Adding ‘Repair Building’ button.
  • Added ‘Cycle Weapon’ button.
  • Made improvements to prevent finger creep.
  • Slightly decreased aim assist strength at further distances to allow for easier fine tuning when aiming.
  • Grenade indicators are now displayed when grenades are equipped.
  • Made improvements to low-end mobile performance by dynamically scaling background draw distances with player height.
  • Reduced object draw distance for medium/lower-end iOS devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the view pop caused by the swiping inertia when lifting your finger off the screen.

  • Fixed bugs that were causing some erroneous misfires and input errors.

Click here to download Fortnite for iOS in the App Store—It’s a 212MB download.

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