iTunes Cards are on Sale at Costco Again for 20% Off Until May 13

It’s that time again—$100 iTunes Multipacks are on sale at Costco again for 20% off in-store at $79.99, and 16% off online at $83.99.

Costco itunes sale returns

You should buy these cards to load into your iTunes account balance, so all services you subscribe to or pay for from Apple will be discounted at 16-20% off. This means savings on app, movies, books, in-app subscriptions, iCloud storage and more. Anything that can be funded by your iTunes account balance will result in savings.

The sale goes from today until May 13, 2018. If you really want to save money, buy online for $5 more so you don’t end up spending $500 at your local Costco warehouse (although that’s so much fun, right?).

The last time we saw this sale was back in late March, so for it to return again in less than two months is pretty decent.