Microsoft’s Cortana for iOS Now Supports Canadian French

Last fall, Microsoft launched Cortana for iOS in Canada in beta for English users, noting at the time French language support would be “coming soon”. Fast forward nearly six months later, the virtual assistant from Microsoft now supports Canadian French, finally bringing support for both of our official languages.

Cortana canadian french

An update to Cortana for iOS yesterday added support for the “French language in Canada locale,” reads the update notes, while the app also now archives your email commitments “in one central place,” explains Microsoft.

Cortana requires a Microsoft account and can do things like:

Phone – make a call
Messaging – send a text
Calendar – add, edit or review
Reminders – set place or time reminders
Alarms – set an alarm
Email – send an email
Facts – people, places, things, fun
Finance – currency conversions and stocks
Math – calculations and conversions
Dictionary – definitions and translations
Weather – what it like out there
News – news about your favourite topics

The virtual assistant learns more about you the more you use it, so beware of Microsoft’s terms and conditions which state how it will collect your info to make better suggestions, if you value your privacy. Since its launch, Cortana for iPhone and iPad is now 20 per cent faster in 2018, according to Microsoft.

Google Assistant supports French in Canada, along with Apple’s Siri, but Amazon’s Alexa does not yet.

Click here to download Cortana for iOS in the App Store.

Thanks Paul