Koodo iPhone 7/7 Plus Sale: Save $250 Off with Tab Large

Koodo Mobile has discounted the price of Apple’s iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s on contract.

For the 32GB iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, customers can save $250 off, which results in $0 up front for the iPhone 7 and $150 for the iPhone 7 Plus, on a two-year term, on a Tab Large plan, which starts at $79 per month with 5GB of data. Currently there’s a 3GB data add-on bonus for 24 months, taking total data to 8GB for $79.

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Your Tab Large means you’ll be paying off the phone balance over 24 months, which works out to $21 per month. That works out to $504 for iPhone 7 and $654 for iPhone 7 Plus. Currently, Apple sells these models for $739 and $899 respectively.

Right now, the 32GB iPhone 6s is also on sale for $150 off, available on contract for $100 with Tab Medium, resulting in a final price of $460.

Users could theoretically sign up for a contract with these phones, and if they aren’t happy, cancel their contract and pay off the device balance.

Some users on RFD have stated if you sign up at some authorized retailers such as Best Buy or Walmart, you could possibly get bonus gift cards to sweeten the deal. With Apple expected to announce new iPhones this fall, prices for existing phones and older models should continue to see some discounts.