Saanich Police Shares a Siri Fail, Says It’s Okay to Pick Up Phone in Emergencies

The Saanich Police in the Greater Victoria area on Vancouver Island, B.C., shared a failure of Apple’s Siri assistant to emphasize how it is okay for drivers to pick up their devices when it comes to emergencies.

According to a tweet from this morning, the Saanich Police noted “On May 30th we attended a crash at McKenzie/Glanford in #Saanich #yyj. A witness was trying to call 9-1-1 via Siri however, as you can see, had some difficulties. We’d like everyone to know that in this situation you CAN pick up your phone.”

Saanich police siri

In the tweet above, audio is shared from a witness to a crash as he tries to call 9-1-1 using Siri. The virtual assistant’s hilarious (and not surprising) response? “I don’t know who your mother is.” Oh dear. Many factors could have affected the response from Siri, but if the video is to be believed, it’s a pretty odd answer from a simple request to call 9-1-1.