Download this Amazing 5K Wallpaper Collection from Apple Store


Reddit user ajsayshello has recently been able to obtain an amazing collection of 5K wallpapers from the iPad Pros displayed at an Apple Store. He has made them all available for download at the full 5K resolution in a .zip file of around 775MB at this link

“Thought they looked awesome at the store, and they were all just sitting there in the Photos app. I’ve put them on screens all the way up to 21″ (although I would assume they’d look great on the 27” iMac too). They’re all spectacular.

Full resolution download link (thanks u/TomLube!), and if you don’t like that site, there are plenty of mirrors in the comments. I’m done moving the files from site to site lol.”

For a compressed version or preview of the wallpapers, you can visit this imgur link as well. And if the above link does not work, visit the Reddit thread here and look up the updated mirror links in the comments to download the full set in original resolution.

Let us know which ones you think look the best on iPhone X or the iPad Pro.