Rogers 2018 Student Internet Offer: Free 6 Months Netflix on Select Plans

With back-to-school around the corner, Rogers has detailed some student Internet offers on their website, with select plans eligible for a free six-month Netflix subscription.

Rogers back to school internet

The company is offering the following student Internet plans, with pricing set for 12 months:

  • Ignite Internet 60u – $54.99 (normally $95.99)
  • Ignite Internet 150u – $64.99 (normally $107.99) + 6-months free Netflix
  • Ignite Internet 500u – $74.99 (normally $127.99) + 6-months free Netflix

Rogers student internet netflix free

As you can see, only Ignite Internet 150u and 500u includes six months of free Netflix.

The entry Ignite Internet 60u pricing from Rogers matches Bell’s student Internet offer, and also offers faster download speeds at up to 60 Mbps, versus 50 Mbps for the latter. For those with Telus Internet available, their student offer is Internet 150 for $45 per month, for eight months only.

[via RFD]