UI-UX Designer Completely Redesigns iOS, Adding Siri Features, Updating Apple Map’s UI

UI-UX Designer Kévin Eugène has published a brand-new conceptual redesign of everyone’s favorite mobile operating system: iOS.

After redesigning YouTube and macOS, Eugène’s version — called iOS Mogi — focuses on an updated Siri, improved UI for Apple Maps, and the introduction of something he calls Live Notifications.

The first part of his redesign focuses on improving Siri. While Eugène did not introduce any sort of new commands, he focused on having Siri display existing vocal requests that work well in a different way so they could be more useful to the user.

For example, Eugène’s Siri “is non-intrusive (it won’t take the whole screen like it does today), context-aware, and can do things in the background for the user while they are doing something else.” Siri would pop up in the form of a notification, allowing users to use Siri without interrupting what they are currently doing on the phone.

He also introduces something that he calls Siri action, which allows the digital assistant to translate any touch gestures into voice commands. From the tap to the scroll, everything could potentially be performed using solely vocal requests.

He has also imagined new features for Apple Maps, including a public transportation option that helps the app determine whether or not a user is in fact on a certain train line, for example. This would allow users to more accurately navigate the world’s public transportation systems.

Finally, Eugène introduces something he calls “Live Notifications” — notifications that are accessible anywhere and anytime without interruption of the current task, much like the illumination of the clock in the upper-left-hand corner of the display when some apps are in use.

Much like his Siri feature, live notifications can be dragged down from the top of the screen, allowing a user to check their location of a subway line, for example, without having to stop reading their book on Kindle.

Check out his entire iOS redesign here.

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