Fido XTRA Perks: Free Swiss Chalet Quarter Chicken Dinner

What’s for lunch today? How about a free Swiss Chalet quarter chicken dinner? If you’re a Fido customer in Ontario, the company’s latest weekly XTRA perk through their iOS app is offering up a free meal from Swiss Chalet.

Fido xtra swiss chalet

The promo says you can “Enjoy a quarter chicken dinner with slow-roasted Rotisserie Chicken (dark meat), signature Chalet dipping sauce, your choice of side and bread.”

The Fido iOS app will show a unique promo code for customers to use to redeem their free meal, which can be ordered via the Swiss Chalet iOS app, for pick up at any restaurant in Ontario.

The fine print says the unique code needs to be redeemed by August 15, 2018 at 11:59PM EDT.

The Fido XTRA program was launched earlier this spring, offering up free weekly rewards for customers, while recently removing free Spotify Premium.

[via RFD]