Freedom Mobile Launches VoLTE on Select Smartphones

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile has announced this morning it has launched VoLTE (Voice over LTE) for select smartphones, starting off with LG G6 and G7 Android devices, the only two models to start.

Freedom mobile LTE

VoLTE allows for calls and data to be used simultaneously, instead of normally seeing voice calls switch back to 3G networks. VoLTE also offers support for higher quality audio calls and faster call set-up times.

Unfortunately, VoLTE is not available for any of Apple’s iPhones on Freedom Mobile yet, but according to the company, “Additional devices will be added in the future.” Most likely the feature will eventually roll out for iPhone users at some point, since competing carriers from the Big 3 support VoLTE for Apple users.

Back in April, Freedom Mobile’s parent company, Shaw, said it was continuing to roll out its 2500 and 700 MHz spectrum, which would support new features such as VoLTE, which has arrived today.