Job Listing Suggests Apple Planning ‘New Products and Initiatives’ for iCloud

A recent job listing seems to suggest that Apple is continuing to improve its iCloud services.

According to a new job listing (via Apple Insider), the Cupertino company is searching for a new senior product designer for its various iCloud services. The listing, which first went up on July 9th, has yet to be filled.

Apple is looking for someone to “work on new products and initiatives, and enhance existing experiences, for iCloud and Apple ID,” reads the listing, and proper candidates have to be familiar with “Sketch, Keynote, Photoshop, or other design tools.”

Candidates must have at least five years of experience in user interface design as well as a “deep” understanding of iOS, macOS, and the Apple ecosystem in general.

“This person will specialize in distilling complex technical requirements into simple and effortless experiences for customers that uphold Apple’s commitments to user privacy and security,” reads the job description, adding also that candidates should have “exemplary presentation skills in order to convey design directions and reasoning to executive sponsors.”

“Responsibilities of this position also include: creating detailed interaction and pixel specs; preparing assets for use in a variety of platforms, engineering implementation, web use, or Keynote presentations; maintaining up-to-date files and uniform naming conventions; and ensuring design consistency across all assets and products,” the listing continues.

Apple’s online services, including iCloud, Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Books, the App Store, and Apple Care, are all continuously becoming more important to Apple. As it competes with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, Apple must continue to improve and update its iCloud and iCloud Drive services.