HQ Trivia Launches on Apple TV

Popular mobile gameshow, HQ Trivia, has launched an app on Apple TV, in what looks like an attempt to inject some more blood into the trivia game, which has seen its downloads decline since hitting an all-time high back in February.

Hq trivia apple tv

“Everything about the game is still the same – same questions, same time, same rules,” an HQ Trivia spokesperson told TechCrunch. Instead of playing with your iPhone, however, you’ll be playing with the Apple TV remote.

HQ Trivia has fallen from the App Store’s top rankings, and Sensor Tower’s head of mobile insights, Randy Nelson, tells TechCrunch, “Installs have been on the decline. For last month, we estimate them with about 560K, which is down from their height of more than two million per month back in February.”

HQ Trivia’s parent company CEO, Rus Yusupov, chimed in on Twitter to respond to the TC story, saying “Games are a hits business and don’t grow exponentially forever. HQ has massive early traction and still millions playing daily. Also developing new game formats, one of which we think is really special and complements Trivia nicely. More soon! Until then thanks for playing.”

Are you still playing HQ Trivia? Click here to download it in the App Store.