Facebook Sues Blackberry Over Allegedly Stolen Voice Messaging Technology

Facebook hit BlackBerry with a lawsuit Tuesday, claiming the company stole its voice-messaging technology and other patented processes.

The social media giant filed a lawsuit against the Canadian device maker in the U.S. District Court of Northern California on Tuesday, reports Bloomberg. The federal court received a 118-page complaint from the social media giant, which accused the smartphone maker of infringement across six different patents, including its voice-messaging capabilities.

Beyond the voice-messaging patent, Facebook says the Canadian business software provider and one-time phone giant infringed on technology used to improve how mobile devices deliver graphics, video, and audio, as well as another used to centralize GPS data tracking and analysis.

The company is seeking undisclosed damages for Blackberry’s alleged infringement.

Facebook introduced the allegedly-infringed-upon technology on its Messenger app in 2013 to allow users to send one-minute voice notes to each other as an additional means of messaging.

Blackberry sued Facebook earlier this year in March, claiming the social media giant of infringing on its mobile messaging patents. Blackberry said Facebook used its technology in its own instant messenger services including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, without authorization.