Apple Pay Cash Expansion Hinted as Canada, Europe Gain Localized Support Pages

Is Europe—and possibly Canada–the next destination for Apple Pay Cash?

One reader tipped off about a new Apple Pay Cash setup screen, which is different than the one Canadians have been seeing as of late. This time the setup screen asks for an address plus postal code, instead of ZIP code, as seen below:

Apple pay cash france

Other hints at an Apple Pay Cash expansion outside of the U.S.? Users are also seeing these setup screens in Belgium, while localized support pages have popped up in Germany.

On top of this new screen, localized support pages have also showed up in Canada recently in both French and English. While information on these support pages still relay American Apple Pay Cash instructions, the fact the URLs are live when they did not exist before, are leading many to believe a launch is being planned.

For those in Canada, you may also have seen the Apple Pay Cash setup screen locally, such as on our iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.1 beta:

Apple pay cash canada

If you try to follow the steps, they won’t work as once you get to the identification screen, you’ll be stuck there as it requires U.S. info.

Apple Pay Cash allows iOS users to quickly and easily send, receive and request money from friends within iMessage. Hopefully one day, it’ll launch in Canada (like Apple Pay did).

Are you seeing this Apple Pay Cash setup screen on your iPhone?

Thanks Marc