Cineplex Now Lets You Use Your iPhone as a Movie Ticket, Finally

Cineplex Mobile has been updated today with a huge feature moviegoers have been waiting for: using your iPhone as your ticket!

That’s right, previously, the Cineplex Mobile app would allow you to purchase tickets, but you’d still have to go print them at ticket stations, before proceeding to your theatre.

But today’s update to the Cineplex Mobile iOS app means you can “Skip the box office line and just scan your digital movie ticket with the ticket taker. No need to print your ticket.”

What does this mean? No more waiting in line to buy your tickets or to print them. If you’re late heading to your showtime (which some people are, all the time), you can now just sprint to the ticket taker from the parking lot and show them your iPhone.

From screenshots below, it doesn’t look like integration with Apple Wallet is available, yet.

Cineplex mobile ticket iphone

Also new today is the ability to order food and drink from your seat in VIP Cinemas, “with just a few taps.” Cineplex says you can do so starting 30 minutes before your movie begins, with the ability to view the full menu and order and pay online, instantly.

Click here to download Cineplex Mobile for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how this new paperless ticket feature works for you.

Thanks Emanuel!