2018 Apple Pencil Not Qi Compatible, Can Only Charge via iPad Pro

If you were wondering whether you’d be able to charge the new $169 CAD Apple Pencil with a Qi wireless charger, it’s not possible, confirms Apple.

ZDNet asked Apple if the new pencil for the 2018 iPad Pro supports the Qi wireless standard—here was the response:

In response to an inquiry from ZDNet, an Apple spokesperson confirmed that Apple Pencil doesn’t support Qi. The only way to charge the device is by resting it on the side of the iPad Pro computer. Apple did not provide comment as to why Qi is not supported in the device.

This means the only way to charge your 2018 Apple Pencil is on the side of the newest iPad Pro, which launches today.

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The original Apple Pencil required users to remove a cap, then shove the tip into the Lightning port of their iPad Pro. A second method to charge was by using a USB Power Adapter and the included Apple Pencil Charging Adapter.

But with the 2018 Apple Pencil, it appears there is no secondary charging method as it doesn’t support the Qi wireless standard, like iPhone 8/8 Plus/X and iPhone XS/XS Max/XR.

The 2018 Apple Pencil is only compatible with 2018 iPad Pro models. The original Apple Pencil will not work with 2018 iPad Pro models.