Walmart Koodo Black Friday Deals: $0 iPhone 8 + $100 Gift Card on Medium Tab and More [LIST]

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new iPhone, Walmart has some bonus gift card offers for Black Friday for new Koodo activations or upgrades.

For Apple iPhone users, you can get the iPhone 8 for $0 on contract, on a Medium Tab ($360 device balance paid off over 24 months at $15/mo), which starts at $45/2GB, plus a $100 Walmart gift card. That means your new iPhone 8 will cost theoretically $260, plus $50 cheaper on top if you sign up under a referral, taking it down to $210.

Right now, Koodo also has a promo $75/10GB plan.

Below is the full list of iPhones available and other smartphones as well, as shared via RFD. All phones are $0 upfront unless otherwise stated:

iPhone SE = $200 gift card NEW + Upgrade [tab small]
iPhone 6 = $250 gift card NEW + UPGRADE [tab small]
iPhone 6S = $200 gift card NEW + UPGRADE [tab medium]
iPhone 7 = $200 gift card NEW + UPGRADE [tab medium]
iPhone 8 = $100 gift card NEW + UPGRADE[tab medium]
Samsung A5 = $300 gift card NEW+ UPGRADE [tab small]
Samsung A8 = $200 gift card [tab small]
Samsung S8 = $100 gift card NEW + UPGRADE [tab medium]
Samsung S9 = $0 [tab medium]
LG Q6 = $150 gift card NEW + UPGRADE [tab small]
LG G6 = $200 gift card [tab small]
Google Pixel 2 XL = $100 gift card [tab large]

For those looking for iPhone XR, you can get it for $550 upfront on Medium Tab, $330 on Large Tab and $130 on XL Tab (includes a $50 gift card).

There is a $35 activation fee, while if you have an SPC card, you can get a 1GB data bonus. The plans also include 1000 free international long distance minutes to Australia, Bangladesh, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Mexico and Taiwan.

For more discussion on these Walmart Koodo Black Friday deals, head over to RFD—the sale appears to be popular as so far chatter has reached 28 pages.