DriveSavers Launches iPhone ‘Passcode Lockout Recovery Service’ for the Public

DriveSavers has announced a new iPhone data recovery service claiming to be the first iPhone “passcode lockout recovery service” for consumers.


According to a new press release, DriveSavers, the popular data recovery service providing company, has introduced a new service that allows users to retrieve data from a passcode-locked iPhone.

The service, called Passcode Lockout Data Recovery, runs at $3,900 USD per device and uses proprietary technology to recover data from password-locked smart devices with a “100 percent success rate,” regardless of passcode length.

“Smartphones store irreplaceable data like family pictures and videos, contacts, notes, text messages and voice recordings,” says DriveSavers President Scott Moyer. “Losing access to this type of data can be devastating. We are delighted to offer this service to individuals who are locked out of their phones or wish to gain access to memories stored on a lost loved one’s smart device.”

The service is being offered exclusively to consumers who have forgotten device passwords, been locked out after too many incorrect attempts, and for those who need access to data stored on the device of a deceased family member. The service is not available for law enforcement and requires proof of ownership prior to unlocking a device.

“Depending on the situation, we may request death certificates, probate documents, court documents, or other legal documents. In the case of a death, we verify who is the executor of the state through interview and documentation,” a DriveSavers spokesperson said.

This isn’t the first time someone has keyed in on an iPhone vulnerability to grant access to passcode protected phones. Earlier this year, Israeli company Grayshift released the GrayKey device, which allowed law enforcement agencies and other organizations to get past the iPhone’s passcode security. But Apple soon patched the flaw that allowed the device to do so.