Bell Confirms Internet, TV Services Increasing in Price Up to $6 for Ontario, Quebec

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Citing an email sent to customers, a report by MobileSyrup is claiming that Bell is planning to increase the pricing of its internet and TV services by up to $6.

The telecommunications giant has said that the reason for increasing its internet and TV prices is that it has invested $4 billion in its network infrastructure and it needs to “support these investments”.

An anonymous user sent MobileSyrup copied text of an email they received from Bell indicating that internet services will increase by $6 and for TV services, HD receiver rentals will increase by $1 as of March 1, 2019.

A Bell spokesperson officially confirmed the price increase in an email to MobileSyrup, noting on March 1, the price for HD receiver rentals as well as various internet tiers in Ontario and Quebec will increase up to $6 per month. TV