Rogers, Bell Promo: $63/10GB BYOD Plan for 2 Lines in Ontario, Available at Tbooth Wireless

The closest thing we’ve seen this holiday season to last year’s $60/10GB plan has been the $65/10GB offering from Virgin Mobile and Fido.

But now it appears Rogers and Bell (updated) are offering a slightly cheaper BYOD plan through reseller partner Tbooth Wireless, a $63/10GB Canada-wide calling plan for those looking to sign up a minimum of two lines, in Ontario.

Tbooth Wireless locations Ontario are advertising a handwritten $63/10GB BYOD ad outside retail locations, such as this one seen in Oshawa, Ontario (via RFD):

Tbooth wireless $63 10gb

We are able to confirm this offer is also available at stores in Toronto, and not just a one-time dealer offer.

If you have data-hungry teenagers racking up data overages, a $63/10GB plan may provide a better cushion compared to smaller data buckets. At this price, it’s only $3 off the wildly popular $60/10GB holiday plan from last year.