Bell Mobility ‘Winback’ Offer: $55/5GB Plan with iPhone 8, Galaxy S9 or P20 on Contract

It appears Bell Mobility is offering a ‘winback’ offer targeting former customers who recently switch away from the network, in the form of a $55 per month Canada-wide calling plan with 5GB of data.

According to some users on RFD, the $55/5GB offer was via a phone call to some customers who recently switched away to rivals such as Telus flanker brand, Koodo.

The $55/5GB offer from Bell also included the option for a $49 iPhone 8 (or Samsung Galaxy S9 or Huawei P20 Pro) on a two-year contract.

The Bell rep also told former customers over the phone they would help them cancel from Koodo without incurring any penalties.

We’ve previously seen ‘winback’ offers from Rogers and Fido and Telus, with most offers including plans with more data than current in-market plans, plus the offer of a ‘free’ upfront phone upgrade. These ‘winback’ offers are targeted and made to be sweetheart deals to get customers to switch back to their former carriers.

Let us know if you’ve received a call from Bell about winback offers, if you’ve switched away recently.